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The PDP Concept Maple 22'' 5pc Shell Pack, Blue Sparkle is a re-imagined series of boutique-inspired drums that are powerfully versatile and designed for every drummer. Developed with research assistance from the DW Custom Shop, the PDP Concept Series provides a look and sound that will be sure to turn heads. The shells are constructed from 7 plies of European maple, offering rich, warm tones with bright overtones that complement a wide range of drumming styles, genres and playing techniques. A range of high quality components including Remo drum heads, True-Pitch tension rods, DW's STM (suspension tom mount) system, die-cast claw hooks and dual turret lugs. This shell pack comes in a 5 piece configuration with a 22'' bass drum, offering plenty of bottom end power. The PDP Concept Series is available in a wide range of premium lacquer finishes, allowing you to select the perfect theme to suit your space or personal preference.

Graduated Hoops & STM Mounting System

The toms featured on the PDP Concept Maple 22'' 5pc Shell Pack, Blue Sparkle feature graduated chrome counter hoops, meaning the smaller drums on the kit feature thinner hoops, allowing them to resonate further and more freely to produce far richer tones. The PDP Concept Maple 22'' 5pc Shell Pack, Blue Sparkle also features DW's STM (Suspension Tom Mount) system which allows the toms to resonate independently without any muting from hardware to shell contact. In order to provide drummers with even more control over their own sound, DW has created its True-Pitch rod system. The rods feature 5mm threads instead of the standard 12mm or 24mm threads that are on most other drum kits. This allows the PDP Concept Maple 22'' 5pc Shell Pack, Blue Sparkle to be tuned far more accurately, allowing you to ascertain the perfect tone from your kit.

PDP Concept Series

The PDP Concept Series drums are the latest series of drums from PDP, designed with the highest level of playability and versatility in mind. This re-imagined line of drums is aimed at every drummer, boasting a fresh new design that's available in a wide range of today's most popular configurations. High-end components including STM (suspension tom mount), True-Pitch tension rods, a MAG throw-off and die-cast low-mass claw hooks to make the Concept Series drums real competitors at the price range. The series is also available in a selection of durable lacquer finishes, allowing you to choose a colour and style that suits you best.


  • 7-ply maple shells offer rich, warm tones with bright overtones
  • STM tom mounts ensure maximum sustain and resonance without any hardware to shell contact
  • Graduated chrome counter hoops allow additional resonance, resulting in richer tones
  • True-Pitch tension rod system allows for more in-depth, accurate tuning
  • Dual Turret lugs with die-cast low-mass claw hooks


  • Bass Drum: 22'' x 18''
  • Snare Drum: 14'' x 5.5
  • Rack Tom 1: 10'' x 8''
  • Rack Tom 2: 12'' x 9''
  • Floor Tom: 16'' x 14''


  • Shell Construction: 7-Ply European Maple
  • Lugs: Dual-Turret Lugs
  • Hoops: Triple Flanged Graduated Chrome Counter Hoops
  • Mounting System: STM (Suspension Tom Mounts)
  • Drum Heads: Remo Coated Pinstripe Drum Heads
  • Tension Rods: True-Pitch Rods
  • Hardware: Polished Chromed Steel
  • Finish: Blue Sparkle


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