Blackstar Artist 15 combo

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Designed for electric guitarists with discerning tonal tastes, the Blackstar Artist 15 is 15W tube combo amplifier with two channels, either of which can be set for clean or overdriven timbres. Its particular tube compliment allows the amplifier to retain the dynamic range typical of American 6L6 designs, while its class-A amplifier lends the aural qualities of classic British style amplifiers. In this manner, the amplifier gives you much in the way of tonal versatility. It also boasts a built-in 12" Celestion V-type speaker to further enhance your sound.

Channel 1 includes volume and tone controls, while channel 2 provides knobs for gain and volume. For equalization, you get a classic tone stack with bass, middle, and treble, but also an addition unique to Blackstar—the ISF knob, which has been designed to help you fine tune your desired tone. Reverb level and master volume knobs round out the controls.

With three speaker outputs and one emulated speaker output, possibilities for extending and routing your sound abound. A series effects loop is also provided, complete with a pad that is switchable between +4 and -10 dB, to better suit many different types of output gear. A footswitch input jack is also provided to connect the included FS-4 footswitch, which enables you to toggle between the two channels.

Features at a Glance
  • 2x ECC83 preamp and 2x 6L6 power tubes
  • Class-A amplifier circuitry
  • 2 Channels, clean or overdrive on each channel
  • Effects loop connection with +4/-10 dBV pad
  • Classic American and British amplifier sounds
  • 3 Speaker outputs for 8- or 16-Ohm loads
  • Emulated speaker output
  • FS-4 channel-switching footswitch included


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