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LTD MH-1007 EverTune

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Brand: ESP LTD


Set your performance on fire with the ESP LTD MH-1007ET. This 7-string electric guitar's mahogany body delivers a massive dose of warmth and sustain. Dual active EMG humbuckers provide amp-punishing output that retains note definition, even in high-gain situation. Enjoy unbelievable intonation, thanks to the LTD MH-1007ET's EverTune bridge. Execute your fastest runs with ease on the Thin "U" neck. Packed with sustain and aggressive tone, the ESP LTD MH-1007ET 7-string electric guitar is sure to put a smile on your face.

ESP LTD guitars were created to bring a more affordable version of the classic designs and quality of ESP guitars to a new market. The entire ESP LTD line of instruments feature premium tonewoods, quality pickups, and solid hardware for a lifetime of use. An exacting eye to detail and quality means that every instrument is ready to rock when it leaves the factory. An impressive list of signature guitars by some of today's biggest guitar heroes shows the popularity and respect held by ESP LTD. If you're looking for the perfect rock or metal guitar, you need to check out ESP LTD guitars.

The EverTune bridge on the ESP LTD MH-1007ET is an all-mechanical system that helps you stay in tune longer under any playing situation. Small springs keep constant tension on your strings, giving you long-lasting tuning stability and incredibly accurate intonation too. You can even adjust it to control how much your pitch changes when you bend a string. Even if you're playing a long gig or recording session, your tuning will be more stable regardless of your playing style, temperature, or other variables.

You'll get to know the true personality of the ESP LTD MH-1007ET as soon as you plug it in. A set of EMG's popular 817H and 857H active humbucking pickups offers up a sound that is high output with plenty of top-end clarity and huge lows. 


  • 7-string electric guitar with aggressive tone and extreme playability
  • Mahogany body delivers a massive dose of warmth and sustain
  • EMG 817H/857H humbuckers provide hot output and excellent note definition
  • Thin "U" profile makes the mahogany neck play fast and smooth
  • EverTune bridge keeps consistent tension on your strings for better tuning stability and intonation


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