ProMark Drumsticks

  • promark-hickory-2b promark-hickory-2b
    Excellent heavier general purpose stick for rock, heavy pop and country or just practicing on your pad.
  • promark-hickory-420-nyl-mike-portnoy promark-hickory-420-nyl-mike-portnoy
    This Promark stick features an oval shaped tip for maximum versatility
  • promark-hickory-53g-benny-greb promark-hickory-53g-benny-greb
    PROMARK Benny Greb autograph series
  • promark-hickory-5a promark-hickory-5a
    PROMARK all-time favorite, great for all styles. Length: 16" Diameter: 0.551"
  • promark-hickory-718-acid-jazz promark-hickory-718-acid-jazz
    PROMARK special Jazz drumsticks
  • promark-hickory-7a promark-hickory-7a
    This pair of Pro-Mark TX7AW wood tip hickory 7A drumsticks features oval-shaped tips. These sticks are great for jazz and light rock.
  • promark-hot-rods promark-hot-rods
    Pro-Mark Hot Rod drumsticks create fresh new dimensions of sound.
  • promark-mambo
    promark-mambo promark-mambo
    Promark "Mambo" has two butt-ends for timbales.
  • promark-oak-747-neil-peart promark-oak-747-neil-peart
    PROMARK wooden sticks retain their shape and power to the bitter end.
  • promark-sabar
    promark-sabar promark-sabar
    PROMARK drumsticks for drumsets
  • promark-stick-rapp-black promark-stick-rapp-black
  • promark-tel-wire-brush-general promark-tel-wire-brush-general
    Promark great quality drum brushes.
  • promark-timbale promark-timbale
    Promark professional drum sticks
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