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What if there is a problem with my order?

As unlikely as that may seem, if there is a problem with your order, call your personal Instruments Garage Sales representative immediately. Your Sales Representative is your "friend on the inside" who's going to take care of you no matter what. We have no set policy other than doing whatever it takes to make you happy and fix the problem ASAP.

How can I be sure that you have what I'm looking for without having to take the trip?

With an inventory about 50 times bigger than a typical musical instrument retail store, chances are we have what you're looking for. With highly accurate real-time information on the website showing you which products are in stock at all times, you can be certain when you order an in-stock product that you won't face a surprise delay. With real-time information on when out-of-stock products are expected back in our warehouse, you can know what to expect even when we can't keep up with demand on a particular item (though please note that information on expected future availability is only accurate as what our suppliers tell us).

What distinguishes our service center?

At Instruments Garage, you get personalized service from musicians, they work for you: to give you honest product advice and assist you should any problem arise with your order.They know how to help you because they share your dreams.No matter how you prefer to shop, whether it is via internet or at our showrooms,you are guaranteed the same low prices, shipping costs, great information, and personalized service from these musicians.


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