Electro-Harmonix Iron Lung Vocoder PedalElectro-Harmonix Iron Lung Vocoder PedalElectro-Harmonix Iron Lung Vocoder Pedal

Electro-Harmonix Iron Lung Vocoder Pedal

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The Iron Lung is dead simple to use: plug your instrument and mic into the inputs, connect to your amp or mixer, and you're ready to go. An XLR input allows your mic to be used with three independent gain controls. The tone control integrates with the Gender Bender to dial in exactly the tone you want. Use a guitar or keyboard for polyphonic delivery. You're sure to find dozens of musical uses for the Iron Lung. It revives a classic sound from the past and makes it available to you at a classic price!

  • High 256-band resolution
  • Gender Bender knob for male to female emphasis
  • XLR mic input with three independent gain settings
  • Tone control for frequency definition


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