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Donner DEP-10

Donner DEP-10
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Brand: Donner Music


Donner DEP-10


  •  Full-sized 88 Semi-weighted Keys Donner DEP-10 digital piano features 88 semi-weighted keys that simulate the real touch of playing the piano. Semi-weighted keys reduce the sense of strength than full-weighted keys for a more sensitive touch response to suit different playing styles, provide greater control, and maximize playing comfort.


  • 8 Excellent Tones & 128 Polyphony DEP-10 88-key electric piano can switch between the sounds of eight different instruments, including Acoustic Piano, Electric Grand Piano, Church Organ, etc. And it can also play two tones at the same time( Dual Tone Setting Function). With 128 polyphony, a digital piano can provide a super clear rendition, a natural feeling of different sounds, perfect for teaching and learning.


  • Superior Sound Quality Equipped with two built-in 25W speakers, Triple Pedals, audio input, and output, and an MP3 player. DEP-10 delivers a rich and immersive practice and performance experience for players.


  • Versatile Instrument You can control the rhythm with different four types of metronome beats. The effects can select from trill, suspension, and DSP. Meanwhile, you can record and arrange your music with the recording mode. DEP-10 is good for players’ different demands and allows you to create complex songs with ease.


  • Modern Sleek Design The streamlined piano body and textured keys of the DEP-10 88-key digital piano provide an extraordinary playing experience. Beginners can enjoy the beauty of music with this well-designed instrument. The furniture stand is more compatible with your modern home design.

Rich Timbre


  • Featuring 128 polyphony and 8 premium tones, our 88-key keyboard with half-weighted hammer keys gives a more sensitive touch response to your piano playing. 8 tones include Acoustic Grand Piano, Bright Acoustic Piano, Electric Grand Piano, Chorus Piano, Harpsichord, Vibrating Harp, Church Organ, and Strings Ensemble.


Double Tone


  • Everyone is born to be a musician. Donner 88-key digital electric piano has a dual tone-setting function, one digital piano keyboard plays two sounds at the same time, providing more possibilities for your music creation. Let's create our own music with Donner dep-10 digital piano keyboard!

Excellent Sound Quality


  • This electric piano aims to create a new experience in music and your performance. Built-in dual 15w stereo speakers that provide a sense of surround sound and bring you perfect sound quality whatever you practice the piano, record, arrange or perform.

Professional Metal 3-Pedals


  • This keyboard piano also provides a wooden furniture stand with a professional metal 3-pedal( Soft/ Sustain/ Sostenuto Pedal) to ensure the quality of your piano practice that restores real piano performance, making your piano performance alive.





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