DW Drums

  • dw-2000singlepedal dw-2000singlepedal
  • 3-leg HI-HAT Stand 3-leg HI-HAT Stand
  • dw-3000hwpack
    dw-3000hwpack dw-3000hwpack
  • dw-3000doublepedal dw-3000doublepedal
  • Left-handed DW 3000-series Double Kick Drum Pedal Left-handed DW 3000-series Double Kick Drum Pedal
  • dw-3000singlepedal dw-3000singlepedal
  • dw-5000seriesdoublepedal dw-5000seriesdoublepedal
  • dw-5002nd3
    dw-5002nd3 dw-5002nd3
    5000 Series Featuring a host of refinements and upgrades, the legendary line of 5000 Series bass drum pedal
  • dw-9000-double-pedal dw-9000-double-pedal
    The DW 9002PC Double Pedal is just what you need for reaction and speed.
  • dw-9000-series-hi-hat-stand-wbag dw-9000-series-hi-hat-stand-wbag
    9000 Series offers heavy-duty and lighter weight stands in both straight and straight/boom configurations
  • dw-9000-small-snare-stand dw-9000-small-snare-stand
    9303 The 9300 Series Snare Stands are the only stands designed with double pedal set-ups in mind. The offse
  • dw-bared-cymbal-stem-wfelt dw-bared-cymbal-stem-wfelt
  • bass-drum-double-pedal-8000-series bass-drum-double-pedal-8000-series
    The DW 8002 Double Bass Drum Pedal delivers durability, versatility, performance, and looks in one drummer-friendly package.
  • bass-drum-practice-stand-steve-smith bass-drum-practice-stand-steve-smith
    Steve Smith Backstage Kick Pad
  • CajonPorts CajonPorts
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